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Welcome To Your Info Booth Page!

Draw attendees here to chat with your company representatives, download helpful resources, watch commercials, and more.

Today many of the virtual platforms might be attempting to sell you a license and telling you can do the rest in-house. Not so easy if you’ve never done it before.

It takes many different talents to produce a successful virtual event. The technology and engineering are only two pieces of the equation. Just like a face-to-face event, you need a content line up that engages your online audience and provides for revenue opportunities, exhibitors, partners and sponsors. You need to design and produce the flawless experience your audience expects from your brand. 

The DAHLIA+Agency and Soliman Productions, collaborators for 5+ years, bring you the expertise and creativity you need to be engaging and flawless with flexible technology to deliver a custom-branded experience that rocks your audience’s world. Together we are your Dream Team.