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GVTC Annual Meeting 2023

7:30 PM – 9:00 PM CT


Call Meeting to Order
Singing of The National Anthem
Introduction of Parliamentarian and Sergeant-at-Arms
Determination of a Quorum
Reading of the Proof of Mailing of Annual Meeting Notices
Reading and Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Chairman’s Remarks
President’s Remarks
Presentation and Consideration of Financial Reports
Candidate Introductions and Director Election Results
Old Business
New Business


Charles (Chuck) J. Knibbe
Chairman – District II

George Steinke
Vice Chairman – District I

Alan Buxkemper
Secretary/Treasurer – District IV

Jameson (Jamey) Arnold
Director – District II

Robert (Bob) Baron
Director – District I

Susan Bogle
Director – District IV

Richard Elkins
Director – District III

Scott Kramer
Director – District III

Kevin Owens
Director – District III

Mike Scott
Director – District II

Tony Spears
Director – District V

Clint Swindall
Director – District II

Rita P. Wenthold
Director – District III

Lorie Winkler
Director – District II

Rhonda Zunker
Director – District II


Ritchie Sorrells
President and Chief Executive Officer

Mark Gitter
Chief Financial Officer

Robert Hunt
Vice President – Regulatory Affairs and Business Operations

Jeff Mnick
Vice President – Sales and Marketing

George Oneal
Vice President – Network Services

Josh Pettiette
Vice President – Product, Business Development & Strategic Planning


Sonia Aguillon
Golf Classic Co-Chair
Fundraising Chair
Member since 2007

Chris Cooley
Vice President
Scholarship Chair
Endowment Co-Chair
Member since 2016

Tiffany Murphy
Outreach Co-Chair
Marketing Co-Chair
Member since 2018

Marquita Dade
Board Member
Paula White Community
Service Award Chair
Member since 2019

Brianne Magott
Board Member
Marketing Co-Chair
Member since 2022

Alisha Stanley
Board Member
Grant Chair
TGB Co-Chair
Member since 2018

Rudy Soto
Board Member
Member since 2022

Aaron Luna
Board Member
Member since 2023