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CardinalCommerce, a Visa Solution, authenticates digital transactions for issuers, merchants, and processors around the world. As digital commerce grows and government mandates go into effect, authentication is becoming more and more important. With this shift comes more opportunities, and more challenges.

There’s a better way. A suite of payment decisioning solutions from Cardinal.

Access to deep data intelligently connected and better decisioning in the blink of an eye. Our solutions improve performance while protecting the customer from unnecessary friction, using more data for better insight into each transaction.

Authentication delivers results worth getting excited about. In selected industry verticals, we’ve seen authorization increases of up to 7% on authenticated transactions (vs non-authenticated). What would that mean to your bottom line?

With our suite of payment decisioning solutions, everyone wins. Merchants can sell, issuers can collect funds, and most importantly, consumers can buy what they want, when they want, and from whichever merchant they want.

You’ll get authentication, the way you want it. Flexible delivery options for ease of integration. A rules engine to optimize your authentication strategy. A team of advisors at your disposal. More than a solution, a partner. Together, leading the way.

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