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Parallel Session: A Call to Action: Malnutrition in Patients with Cancer – Priorities within Clinical Practice, Research, Education and Health Policy



Dr Delcan Walsh
Chair of the Department of Supportive Oncology at Levine Cancer Institute, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Professor, School of Medicine, University of North Carolina, USA.  First holder of the Hemby Family Endowed Chair in Supportive Oncology.
Session Chair

Dr Egidio del Fabbro
Professor, Palliative Care Endowed Chair, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Session Chair

Dr Vickie Baracos
PhD, basic science and clinical researcher :representing  SCWD 

Dr Eric Roeland
GI Oncologist- American Society of Clinical Oncology Co-Chair for the Supportive Care and Cachexia/Nutrition Guidelines Committees

Dr Richard Dunne
GI oncologist-representing cancer cachexia society

Dr Nicole Kiss
PhD dietitian-Chair of COSA guidelines on malnutrition

Dr Maurizio Muscaritoli
Clinical researcher: representing cachexia group, ESPEN

Dr Andreas Charalambous
Nurse scientist. Representing EON /ECCO 

Dr Jose Garcia
Endocrinologist. Endocrine Society

Dr Tateaki Naito
Thoracic oncologist –Co-chair of MASCC nutrition and cachexia study group. JSCC


  • Translational Science Priorities (Mechanisms, Diagnostic Criteria, Management) with Dr Vickie Baracos
  • Guidelines and Clinical Practice: The Oncologist Perspective with Dr Eric Roeland
  • Older Patients with Cancer with Dr Richard Dunne
  • Managing Malnutrition and Sarcopenia: Focus on Nutrition and Physical Activity with Dr Nicole Kiss
  • Nutrition in Cancer: Serving Palatable Consensus Statements and Guidelines with Dr Maurizio Muscaritoli
  • Multidisciplinary Care and Support of the Patient with Dr Andreas Charlambous
  • Clinically Relevant Outcomes of Physical Function and Muscle Strength with Dr Jose Garcia
  • Chemotherapy/Immunotherapy and Cachexia: Friend or Foe? with Dr Tateaki Naito
  • Panel Discussion

Disclaimer: The views and opinions of presenters do not necessarily reflect those of MASCC or ISOO.