Menu Close is the digital preservation solution you’ve been looking for – the most comprehensive permanent storage platform operated by a mission-driven, cultural heritage nonprofit. Give your clients peace of mind with digital archives that last their lifetimes and beyond. is more than just another cloud storage service, it’s an archive:

  • Multi-layer, multi-region, multi-provider backups with trusted storage partners such as BackBlaze, Amazon S3 and The Internet Archive;
  • Multiple copies of all original files with routine checks on them to ensure their integrity;
  • Accepting all file types and converting most into formats that are compatible with any software;
  • Preserving all embedded file metadata and the full quality of the original files;
  • Pooling storage fees into an endowment account that acts as an investment into the sustainability of our archives.

With a Permanent Archive you’re not just backing up files for your clients, you’re protecting their digital legacy for their family, friends and whole community. allows professionals like you to create, curate and transfer ownership of whole archives. You can deliver an entire collection to your client in a perfectly organized Permanent Archive from a single working account. 

Multiple archive management allows you to maintain and easily switch between archives without having to share or juggle multiple credentials. You can even continue serving your long term clients as an archive manager or curator to help arrange their memories as they make them.

On there are no recurring fees. Your clients only pay once for the storage they need, one gigabyte at a time. That’s $10 a gigabyte, not $10 a month. We pool these one-time storage fees in our endowment fund as an investment in the future of their files. As a member of the Photo Managers community you can receive 10 GB of free storage when you create an account today. Use your storage to learn more about how Permanent can help your clients.

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